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Technology that moves you faster and safer

Elenium Automation creates self-service technology that moves you faster and safer. Our products are used by millions of people across aviation, healthcare, aged care, and government infrastructure. We have a unique team with capabilities in robotics, mechanical engineering, physics, machine learning, computer vision, and data science.

Preferred partner

In a testament to our approach and abilities, in these four short years Elenium has been able to supply solutions to key organisations, including Cotton On RetailHong Kong AirportSydney Airport, QANTAS and Etihad Airways.

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2020 Asia-Pacific Airport Self-service Technology Innovation Leadership Award

In 2020 Frost & Sullivan awarded Elenium the 2020 Asia-Pacific Airport Self-service Technology Innovation Leadership Award.

“Frost & Sullivan commends Elenium on its call-to-action response during the COVID-19 pandemic (i.e., integrating capabilities to its kiosk system that, in the long run, allow airports to adapt to touchless processing and maintain the system’s effectiveness, even after the pandemic). Elenium’s kiosks measure passengers’ vital signs to determine symptoms related to COVID-19, such as a fever, using biometrics, near-infrared technology, and thermal cameras. The technology is a groundbreaking development that will impact self-service processing and establish safer contactless practices in the future.”

Strong Foundations

We curated a team of talents; technical, commercial and operational. Elenium’s team is an eclectic bunch of industry veterans, physicists, mechatronic and mechanical engineers, video game developers and experts in program delivery. This has been our secret sauce, allowing Elenium to break through into an industry dominated by legacy system integrators.

  • Aaron Hornlimann

    Aaron Hornlimann

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Ilya Gutlin

    Ilya Gutlin

    Chief Commercial Officer and Board Member
  • Fred Melki

    Fred Melki

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Rico Barandun

    Rico Barandun

    Head of Product Management
  • David Mallinson

    David Mallinson

    Group Chief Financial Office
  • Kathleen Leong

    Kathleen Leong

    Sales Director, South East Asia
  • Bruce Jenkins

    Bruce Jenkins

    Senior Strategy & Business Development Manager
  • Manu Tandon

    Manu Tandon

    Vice President, India Business

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