Why HealthGate

The legal option for the longterm

Temperature-taking products can be classified as medical devices and the penalty in many countries for non-compliance can be high. HealthGate is a compliant solution to keep your arrivals safe while undertaking all government-mandated check-ins.

  • 70% of people are more comfortable entering a public space that has health screening technology
  • 88% of the adult population will be honest on pre-arrival health screening questions if they knew they would be screened upon arrival
  • 70% want additional health screening in place alongside a vaccine
  • 88% of people with viral infections have fevers

Our solution is not just about now and the global pandemic. It’s all about making sure people are moving into the future. When there is a bad flu season like in 2019 when the annual flu season took 300,000 out of the workforce, we want to ensure we are proactive and we don’t have the same impact we felt during COVID-19.

Multidimensional Protection

  • Touchless

    Interact at a distance with self-service devices, designed for loud environments.

  • Change Behaviour

    People tend to respond to health declarations more honestly

  • Biometrics and ID Recognition

    Biometrics and ID Recognition

  • Mask Detection

    Ensure visitors are wearing masks on entry

  • Certified Medical Device

    ARTG, 355032. EC Certified. ISO13485:2016 Certified in Australia and Europe

  • Health Declarations

    Enable visitors’ self-declaration about symptoms & history.

  • Government QR check-in & contact Tracing

    Full government-mandated contact tracing and government QR code check-in

  • Integration & Scalability

    Easily integrated into 3rd party systems via simple APIs.

Touchless self-service

  • Mobile interaction

    With our BYOD function, individuals engage and complete the health declaration questionnaires using their own devices . Vital sign screening​ is performed on arrival ​at the premises. Biometric facial recognition and contactless ID scanning is supported as an option.

  • Contact tracing

    Full government mandated contact tracing alongside email and SMS alerts when a visitor presents with a fever. Designed to be fully unattended. Protect your employees and visitors.

  • Government QR check-in

    Display government QR code check in after a visitor has passed the fever screening test. Taking only 1.5 seconds, this integrated approach ensures higher compliance and greater safety.

  • Temperature sensing

    HealthGate leverages high resolution sensors to ensure accuracy of measurement. The sensors can detect whether a mask is being worn and select the best part of the face to measure blood flow and thus temperature. Even holding a hot coffee when being screened will not confuse our sensors.

  • Voice recognition

    Jointly developed by Amazon Web Services and Elenium for loud environments, our patent pending approach to voice recognition distinguishes voices in busy environments like airports, hospitals, or medical centres by combining multiple types of sensors, including proximity sensors, cameras and multiple directional microphones.

  • Head movement detection

    A key philosophy is ensuring that solutions are broadly accessible. The patent pending head control technology uses a machine learning classifier to find a point of interest on a person face as an anchor point. When the user moves their head the cursor of the kiosk follows accordingly. The interaction is intuitive with no training required by the user.

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