Business Premises

The HealthGate medical device uses touchless vital sign detection to provide health screening and staff safety for workplaces.

Build Trust with touchless temperature screening

Make your employees safe (and feel safe)

During a tumultuous time, ensuring your employees feel confident is paramount. Health screening technology like HealthGate encourages a new confident standard. We conducted a study of over 1000 Australians with 83% saying they would feel more confident with health screening as they enter a facility. 88% of Australians would be more conscientious about not going to a place if they felt sick if they knew health screening technology would be put in place.

The only legal solution

Elenium HealthGate is listed on the ARTG. Any device which detects human skin temperature is regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Thermometric temperature checking devices are Class IIa medical devices and must be listed on the ARTG. Uncertified devices are illegal to use and may not be accurate, putting your business as well as staff or visitors at risk.

Verify health status before arrival

Register staff and record their health declarations, ensuring they are pre-screened and healthy with HealthGate Declare. A multi-language online application allowing a user to register their attendance to the workplace and submit a health declaration to be used with the HealthGate device. HealthGate Declare, based on customisable business rules, will advise the user if they can enter the facility or to seek further advice minimising the risk of transmission and encouraging worker responsibility.

Fast and nonintrusive

All testing is touchless and when the pre-screening questionnaire is sent in advance the whole process takes 1.5 seconds. This integrated approach ensures higher compliance and greater safety.

Key features

  • Reduce costs and change behavior.
  • 70% of people are more comfortable entering a public space that has health screening technology.
  • Tailored solutions to suit every requirement.
  • Fast health screening in seconds.
  • Contact tracing.
  • QR code reader.
  • ARTG listed medical device.
  • Integration into 3rd party system via published or custom APIs
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