Healthcare and Care Homes

Ensure your residents, patients and employees are cared for with appropriate screening measures that reduce the risk of infection within a care facility. Elenium HealthGate allows arrivals to answer pre-screening questions, encouraging them to think about their health status before arriving at your destination. All arrivals can be health screened on-site to ensure the wellness of all.

Contactless access control

Remain compliant with strict infection control and prevention protocols

HealthGates touchless scanner works alongside your existing hierarchy of controls to mitigate risk to residents, staff, and visitors.

Ensure health while allowing family time.

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the harshest restrictions on care home residents’ daily life, as well as changes to how people connect with their loved ones and community. HealthGate enables solutions to safely maximise interaction with the outside world even during a quarantine situation.

Automate for increased demand

With those aged over 85 expected to increase at least four-fold by 2047, the next 40 years, population ageing and growing diversity among older people – in terms of their care needs, preferences and affluence – mean self-service automation will enable greater autonomy and safety.

Flu Season already has a huge impact

Our solution is not just about now and the global pandemic. It’s all about making sure people feel confident and safe moving into the future. When there is a bad flu season like in 2019 when the annual flu season took 300,000 out of the workforce, we want to ensure we are proactive and we don’t have the same impact we felt during COVID-19.

Key features

  • Reduce costs and change behavior.
  • 70% of people are more comfortable entering a public space that has health screening technology.
  • Tailored solutions to suit every requirement.
  • Fast health screening in seconds.
  • Contact tracing.
  • QR code reader.
  • ARTG listed Medical Device.
  • Integration into 3rd party system via published or custom APIs.
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