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Ongoing operations are critical to your business so ensuring your employees and guests only enter your premises when healthy means you can have greater confidence in business continuity.

Ensuring worker safety business continuety

Enable seamless access to workplace

The seamless entry process makes arrival on site smoother for your workforce and stakeholders. The QR Code or Biometric Recognition enables people to enter your premises simply, authenticated, and secure.

The only legal solution

Any device which detects febrile temperature is regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Thermometric devices for temperature checking are Class IIa medical devices and must be listed on the ARTG. Uncertified devices are illegal to use and may not be accurate, putting your business as well as staff or visitors at risk.

Verify health status before arrival

Register staff and record their health declarations, ensuring they are pre-screened and healthy with HealthGate Declare. A multi-language online application allowing a user to register their attendance to the workplace and submit a health declaration to be used with the HealthGate device. HealthGate Declare, based on customisable business rules, will advise the user if they can enter the facility or to seek further advice minimising the risk of transmission and encouraging worker responsibility.

Biometric Recognition and Contact Tracing

The system records and securely stores the data for contact tracing, including; first name, mobile number, date, and location. Biometric matching converts features of the user’s face into a unique algorithmic token with the data only being held for contact tracing for the period required by law. Through proprietary algorithms, FaceWay ensures that only actual people are authenticated. Users can delete their biometric data at any time and at their convenience.

Keep everyone healthy & stay on schedule

Be safe in the knowledge that everyone arriving on site is fit and healthy. By monitoring key health vitals you can be sure to reduce cross-infection amongst your team, not only ensuring productivity but also reducing sick pay and agency costs.

Key features

  • Rapid QR/face recognition as access control; measuring visitors' body temperature concurrently
  • Configurable screening process: standard flow (health questionnaire & body temp), simple flow (body temp only) or facial recognition + body temp
  • Integration options available to add body temperature as one of the site or credential management validation parameters.
  • Outbound Reporting APIs available for customer to implement own workflows (alerts, notification, data analytics, reporting)
  • Option to print access sticker after successful validation
  • Easy one-time facial enrolment process; ease of access during the next visit
  • User has full control on the usage of biometric profile; able to revoke the consent at anytime
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