Give your guests and employees peace of mind as they move through airports, train stations, cruise ships and hotels. Elenium HealthGate allows arrivals to answer pre-screening questions, encouraging them to think about their health status before arriving at their destination. Guests and employees can be health screened on site to ensure the wellness of all.

Contactless check-in

Keep guests safe at your premises

Guests can travel and check-in in confidence after completing a pre-screening questionnaire, knowing that their data can easily be recalled on arrival.

Allow your employees to work confidently knowing their health is your priority

Keep your employees safe as further outbreaks occur, HealthGate is a certified touchless medical device that swiftly health screens arrivals, undertakes mask checks, using tested and certified technology.

Prevent the risk of costly closures

By monitoring the key vitals of guests and staff alike, you can limit exposure and the need to deep clean public areas.

Automatic health screening

HealthGate is a touchless vital sign detection solution that protects and reassures.  It can efficiently establish health-centered access control and create a safer environment for guests and employees.

Voice recognition

Jointly developed by AWS and Elenium for loud environments, our patent-pending approach to voice recognition distinguishes voices in busy environments like airports. Biometric facial recognition and contactless ID scanning (passports, licenses, etc.) are supported as an option.

Key features

  • Reduce costs and change behavior.
  • 70% of people are more comfortable entering a public space that has health screening technology.
  • Tailored solutions to suit every requirement. 
  • Fast health screening in seconds.
  • Contact tracing.
  • QR code reader.
  • ARTG listed Medical Device.
  • Integration into 3rd party system via published or custom APIs.
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