At Elenium efficiency is at the core of what we do and how we work with environmental efficiency being very much part of this.

Different where it matters

Being a young company means we can ensure an environmentally sustainable approach from the outset rather than having to retrofit our practices to become sustainable. Our new Elenium factory will be powered by 370 solar panels and will supply all of our energy needs and feedback into the local grid.

Within our offices, we do not use disposable cutlery, crockery or mugs but prefer to equip our kitchen with utensils and equipment while providing healthy lunches to the team each Friday, with meals that appeal to our extremely diverse workforce.

For our growing global team, we advocate working from home. According to Webex, home working contributes to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions of 54 million tons annually across the globe.

Partnerships for good

We have chosen our partners carefully, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a long-term goal to power their global infrastructure using 100% renewable energy. On average, AWS customers use 77% fewer servers, 84% less power, and utilize a 28% cleaner power mix, for a total reduction in carbon emissions of 88% from using the AWS Cloud instead of operating their own data centres. Together, we launched our Voyager solution in partnership with Etihad Airways leveraging the cloud, artificial intelligence and voice providing a more sustainable and paperless option.

Efficiency drives our portfolio development. Our highly efficient kiosks are designed to be energy efficient. As the better part of our fleet is portable, we needed to build and implement components that last the maximum number of hours in an industrial environment. This approach enabled us to design equipment that draws minimum power while providing longer use time. All of our kiosk batteries are recycled. Our bags drops and gates are designed in the same way, with components that are energy efficient and where possible produced from recycled materials.

Greater efficiencies

At Elenium we aim to contribute to the circular economy by reducing the materials used and needed and using technology to gain greater efficiencies for us and our customers.

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